SF : : Day 4

On our last day in SF, Rachel, Jorge, and I went walking all over the city.  We rode the bus (apparently balancing on a bus is an acquired talent--I came this close to falling over), went to Chinatown, did some shopping, and just explored the city.

On Thursday night, the day before we left SF, we went to visit with Jorge's family that we knew from Glorieta.  It was so good to see them again!
Finally, we drove out to Treasure Island again to look at the lights on the Bay Bridge.  While we were there four limos pulled up; I was really hoping to see someone famous and exciting, but it ended up being just a whole bunch of old people.  Oh well.
And that's it!  The next day we drove to airport, got lost finding the terminal we needed to be in, and made it to our gate with barely ten minutes to spare.  I may have almost had a heart attack.

We had such a fantastic time in SF.  I really hope I get to visit there again someday, and can't wait for our next trip!

* all pics taken by me, Rachel, or Jorge

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