horse manure

I haven't done a "kids these days" post in a few months, even though these are some of my favorite posts to write.  Finally had the opportunity to pull another one together. :)

A few weeks back Ellie choked on her water, and Chloe asked if she wanted her to use the "horse manure", rather than the Heimlich maneuver.

We (me, Rachel, and Chloe) got sort of lost in town and had to pull into this center of nanotechnologies (or something like that) to turn around.  Chloe asked where we were and I said, "At this place where really smart scientific people work."  She looked at the building and asked, "Then why are we here?" 

Chloe has decided that we need to change Rachel's name to "Rachey" so everyone can be on the same page as she is.  Everything will apparently be easier if we make this change.

When I was at work the other day I overheard a man asking his son if they should buy a cow because the boy drank so much milk.  The man's son agreed enthusiastically and said they could put it in their backyard.  He then proceeded to explain how he would "get his whip out" and...

Ellie taught Chloe that irritating "Soft kitty, warm kitty" lullaby, and she loves to come and sing it to me really softly.  It's very creepy.

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Lilac Bud Gal said...

Hahaha!! I loved this post!!! :)

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