SF : : Day 3

Our third day in San Francisco, we went to the beach!  We drove about an hour outside of the city to go to Santa Cruz, and it was awesome.  We walked around the boardwalk, ate lunch there, and then walked along the beach.

There were a ton of sea lions swimming around the boardwalk, and next to the boardwalk there was this group of them all sleeping together.  It was hilarious--I could hear them snoring and they kept fighting with each other in their sleep.

Off the side of the boardwalk there was this flight of stairs leading to another sort of level, so I decided to go explore it.  There were a bunch of sea lions that I could see sleeping on the slats beneath the boardwalk, so I decided to photograph them.
This particular brute was sleeping on one of the slats closest to the platform that I was standing on and decided to wake up when I crouched down to get a picture of him.  He "yelled" at me and sent me skedaddling to the other side of the level.
Okay, so in this last picture down below (taken by Jorge), you see how I'm staring off into the distance?  Well, at this point we'd headed over to Capitola Beach around dinnertime to just hang out for a bit.  I decided to sit down on one of those rocks sort of jutting out into the ocean and just take in the view.  I took off my shoes and put them sort of behind me so I couldn't see them. (You can still see one in the right bottom corner of this pic.) So as I was sitting there, just chilling and admiring the view, when all of a sudden one of my shoes goes floating by.  Contrary to my belief that I'd put them far enough away from the water, apparently the tide had come in more than I expected and eventually carried both of my shoes away.  It was really just so ironic--one moment I'm just sitting there and the next my shoe is floating past me.  The first thing I thought of was Wilson in Castaway.  It was pretty hysterical.

Another funny thing--I'd just been sort of complaining in my heart about these shoes because I'd just bought them for my new job and they were pretty cheap and not the greatest quality--I mean, they were so lightweight they floated off into the ocean.  So the Lord just took that worry right out of my life. ;D
And that's the sad story of how I lost my one good pair of shoes that I'd brought for the entire trip.  As I was packing I was like, "Maybe I should take another pair of sneakers, just in case."  And then I was like, "Nah, I won't need those!"  The next day (pics will be up sometime this week) we walked several miles around the city of SF, and all I had was a pair of sandals.  I got blisters on the bottom of my feet, people!  This was real pain!

Ah, but that's day 4.

* all pics taken by me, Rachel, or Jorge

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