SF : : Day 2, part #1

Tuesday morning our friend had a class, so he dropped Rachel and I off at the SF pier to walk around for a couple hours.  Originally we had planned to go to Alcatraz during this time, but we'd looked it up that morning and there weren't any ferries we could get onto.  So we figured we'd do it some other time that week and just walked around the pier for awhile.

After walking all around the pier we ended up at Pier 39 where the ferries take off for Alcatraz, and we thought we'd get in the ticket line just to see if we could get on one at that time, even though we'd heard there wasn't any availability.  Got there at 10:25, and ran all the way to the 10:30!  We were the last onto the ferry, and off we went.
The actual prison at Alcatraz wasn't that interesting, but the view was really nice and I liked the ferry ride.  We explored for about two hours before heading back to SF. 

The flag on Alcatraz was at half mast for the Boston bombing that occurred the previous day.
* all pictures were taken by either me or Rachel

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