Ferdinand was repotted today, thanks to my brilliant mother.  I'm not too sure about this pot; when I first got it I thought it was awesome because it was my first flower pot ever, but now I'm thinking that the angel faces are kind of creepy and remind me of the killer ones on Doctor Who.  But, hey, it's a flower pot and it's green (my favorite color).  Good enough for now.

Water, baby!  I've somehow acquired a taste for water over Lent which is awesome.  I also had a new drink from Sonic today, it was some sort of raspberry tea thing.  It was alright, but a little too sweet for me.

Shoes!  In preparation for starting a new job on Friday(!), I figured maybe it was time to get some new shoes instead of wearing the same ones (that I've had for about five or six years) to work, the gym, etc.  So I'm going to buy some new gym shoes and use the old grungy ones for work.  Oh yeah, my priorities are totally in order.

My poor, broken car.  First we had to fix the brakes, then change the oil, and now something's wrong with one of the tire parts.  Thankfully my dad can fix pretty much all of these things = saving hundreds of dollars.

Umm...  Well I can certainly tell you that I'm not missing the uncertainty as to my summer plans.  Those are finally nailed down, praise the Lord!  I guess I'm missing...winter clothes?  Boots, scarves, tights, etc.  Time to break out the tank tops and shorts.

I've really been loving The Walking Dead lately.  End of the world shows and films are my favorite (Day After Tomorrow, 2012), and this is one of the better shows.  The season 3 finale was pretty anticlimactic, but hopefully season 4 will be better.

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Laurie said...

Cute flower pot, even with the "creepy" angel :) I gave up on trying to have indoor plants- my cat won't stop attacking them!

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