keys are the best things ever

So I started my new job as a Walmart cashier on Saturday, and I actually think I'm really going to like it, as least once I get the hang of everything.  It's just a lot to learn all at once.  But I'm working with a ton of really nice people, customers aren't too bad, and I'm actually getting trained properly.  After McDonalds and just being thrown out there without any real training, I'll never take that sort of thing for granted again.

My biggest challenge so far has been my locker.  Now, you have to remember that I was homeschooled--I've never had a locker or used one of these combination padlocks before.  So my manager gave it to me last Saturday and I was like Oh...so you're the new bane of my existence.

I could not get that thing open!  I took the lock with me for over an hour while I was listening to my computer training.  I didn't get it open once.  My mom sent me a tutorial.  Nothing.  Over the course of the last week I've probably had to ask four or five people to open the dang thing for me just so I could get started on my shift.  Security was being compromised, people.

So I went and bought a new padlock with a key.  This is seriously the best invention over.  I almost starting laughing hysterically the first time I used the key to open the lock and the little beauty opened.  I probably shouldn't really be that excited about this, but that little key has honestly taken so much stress out of my life!

Next stresser...Rachel and I are flying to San Francisco on Monday.  Neither of us has ever flown before.  We're going alone.  Saaavvvvve usssss....


Another Clean Slate said...

Good luck with your new job! I hate combination locks too. Good thing you work in a place you could get a different one!! Have a fun trip :)

Bev said...

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new follower bev

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