Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #6

I'm thankful for:

0101. the COGBC community outreach yesterday

0102. every single wonderful person at my church, and how they are so devoted to God and eager to see Him glorified

0103. loose change

0104. Amy Carmichael

0105. Paperback Swap

0106. chocolate chip cookies

0107. autumn leaves...or dead leaves, as they eventually are

0108. picture frames

0109. cellos--I love the beauty of the music they make!

0110. the blessing of living in America

0111. chopsticks

0112. necklaces

0113. peach tea

0114. ski lifts

0115. places to go to be alone

0116. getting up early

0117. doctors

0118. Bible studies

0119. passionate music

0120. books that challenge and convict

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