Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #4

I'm thankful for:

0061. a new camera

0062. sad music

0063. Bible club!

0064. and teaching my first lesson of the year last week at Bible club

0065. Uttar Pradesh, India

0066. a community college so close to where I live; what a blessing!

0067. concordances

0068. worship practice

0069. going to the movies, and actually coming out un-disappointed by what you just saw!

0070. colourful blogs

0071. English.  I loathe it, but it's teaching me patience.

0072. and for trials, which teach me patience too, as well as trust

0073. Jane Austen

0074. mp3s

0075. cell phones

0076. the word Guggenheim.  I just love saying it.

0077. pink paper clips

0078. rain!

0079. tacks

0080. a hidden stash of candy

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