Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #5

I'm thankful for:

0081. the song "Wonderful, Merciful Savior"

0082. hearing about the Bread for Life ministry, and how they are helping Mark and Nancy Waite get to Cameroon

0083. seeing old friends, like Mark, and meeting new ones, like Ernest Ehabe and his niece, Beryl

0084. the opportunity to go to the Balloon Fiesta with my family

0085. God's sovereignty

0086. Matthew 6:5-15

0087. God's goodness in allowing us to pour out our hearts to Him in prayer

0088. funny stories

0089. winter coats

0090. autumn

0091. the faithful followers of my blog, especially my parents and Hannah!

0092. that God has given me seventeen years of life, when I deserved none at all

0093. Heaven

0094. hospitality

0095. tacos

0096. tulips

0097. the Anne of Green Gables book series

0098. an Internet connection

0099. vacations

0100. a. the Compassion International magazine; b. and 100 things to be thankful for!


I also wanted to share this video about John Piper and the prosperity gospel.

1 comment:

Hannah Collins said...

Hooray Sarah! Thanks MUCH for the mention! I LOVE Everyday's Thanksgiving, it's so encouraging! God has been so good to us all, and we don't deserve it! I miss y'all, hope to visit soon! :)

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