Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #34

I'm thankful for:

0661. my own cell phone!  I love my phone, even if I don't often have opportunity to use it.  I hardly ever have to charge it, either; it's been at two bars for about three days now.

0662. how even Chloe encourages me to witness to people

0663. and how she talks about Daddy's sermons.  It's amazing how much she remembers.

0664. this music video.  I love the creativity of this band, Walk Off the Earth.

0665. it's been so nice and warm here lately

0666. my second exam in my math class was a take-home!  Hurray!

0667. meeting awesome Christian people at the most random places

0668. walking to the mailbox with Chloe

0669. that my best friend hasn't spoken to me for a few days because she's getting to spend some time with her sister. :)

0670. "Discipline: The Glad Surrender" by Elisabeth Elliot.

0671. my beta fish, Titus

0672. how my Compassion child, Djamsel, writes to me and calls me "mama Sarah". :D

0673. prayer meetings at my church

0674. getting caught up on math homework (I was SO behind!)

0675. homeschool conventions

0676. Tylenol

0677. unique ways to reach out to people

0678. green clothes for St. Patrick's day

0679. I like coffee now! (although it's kind of pointless since caffeine doesn't do anything for me, but it still tastes good)

0680. the World War II era


Hannah said...

I LOVE Walk Off The Earth! And I love that you are a kindred spirit! They are genius! I love these posts, Sarah, keep them coming!

tammy said...

I love that band! They harmonize beautifully together. The things that you are thankful for are so encouraging to me. I am so thankful that God has chosen me to be your Mama!

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