Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #18

I'm thankful for:

0341. having fun at my job

0342. getting extra hours at my job

0343. Candles in the Dark by Amy Carmichael

0344. eating lunch in a park with friends

0345. shoes

0346. strength to stay on my feet for eight hours today

0347. memories

0348. having the opportunity to attend a conference last Saturday

0349. being able to look forward to seeing a bunch of my family at my graduation in a few weeks!

0350. "My Help Comes From the Lord" by The Museum

0351. home

0352. two awesome managers at McDonalds

0353. all the years I spent going through AWANA, and now being done!

0354. cupcakes

0355. earbuds

0356. tons of stuff to read

0357. useful graduation presents

0358. having a job that's not so far away that I spend my whole paycheck on gas

0359. all the incredible wonders God has made

0360. shelter from the wind

1 comment:

tammy said...

I love to read the things you are thankful for! Love You, Mama

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