Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #19

I'm thankful for:

0361. the book of Ruth

0362. Mary Slessor and what an inspiration she was

0363. having the opportunity to go see plays with my sisters

0364. getting paid!

0365. surprises (I LOVE surprises!)

0366. the color peach

0367. dahlias

0368. surprise parties

0369. a week that will probably be pretty peaceful

0370. graduating!

0371. financial aid to get me through college

0372. a graduating class of five!

0373. popcorn

0374. dollar movies

0375. books that bring back memories

0376. and pictures that bring back memories

0377. being done with my graduation slideshow (which I'll post on here after Thursday)

0378. His faithfulness

0379. great deals

0380. opportunities to reach out to people for Christ

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