The Elemental Journal

As with the last book I posted a review about, I first wanted to get The Elemental Journal: Composing Artful Expressions from Items Cast Aside by Tammy Kushnir from Book Sneeze because of the beautiful cover design.  The Elemental Journal is a series of projects that show you how to use things like sticks, plastic, metal, fabric, yarn, etc. so make creative and beautiful pieces of art.  I'm not really the type to go through any of the projects featured in this book, but my sister is and I think it gave her some good ideas for using stuff that's just lying around for creative pieces of art.  While I didn't attempt to make any of the things featured in this book, I did enjoy looking through it.  I'm always amazed that people actually think up ways to use stuff like this.  Who knew sticks, feathers, and a few sprinkles of dirt could look so nice together?  Thanks to Book Sneeze for sending this to me and inspiring me!

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