Red River continued...


Thursday morning we went fishing, and caught one fish.  It was our only one over three days, but it was still worth it!

There were at least twenty ducks next to the ponds at any given time.

My fancy-shmancy fishing pole.


Friday morning we went on the ski lift.  I went on this three years ago, and it was terrifying, but this time it was a lot of fun!  At least...it was fun in between juggling a camera, a sweater, and two bottles of Mountain Dew...trying, along with my dad, to hold onto Chloe...and calming my racing heart every time they would have to abruptly stop the lift, jerking us to a halt and letting us swing like pendulums for the next few moments.  Other than all that, it was great! :)

It was beautiful at the top.

This bird was hitching a ride on the cable, all the way to the top!

Half of the town.

A funny sign.  I guess they wanted to make sure that we were watching out for any cows--or rocks--that could come tumbling down from the mountain onto us at any given moment.


Brad said...

Great photos. Despite the poor fishing and the ski lift ride...it looks as if you had a good time. Blessings.

tammy butler said...

We sure had a great time experiencing all the wonderful things the Lord gives us in nature! Gotta love that fishing pole! Love, Mama

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