Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #3

I'm thankful for:

0041. the new turquoise ring Rachel and Ellie gave me for my birthday

0042. these past five days of being seventeen!

0043. a place to go running and walking with Rachel and Ellie

0044. John Piper's books

0045. cool orange stuff that grows on trees

0046. composition notebooks

0047. email

0048. gift cards

0049. lead

0050. devotional books

0051. the new baby born to a family in my church on Wednesday

0052. Russia

0053. the people around the world who work selflessly to care for and share God's love with orphaned children

0054. summer rain

0055. places on desks that are worn and marked with use

0056. computers

0057. the way God's been leading me lately.  Though I'm blind and I stumble, He is a patient and faithful Guide.

0058. white roses

0059. one more week of summer vacation

0060. the happiness Rachel has playing soccer

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