Red River 2010

Today my family and I got back from a nice trip to Red River, NM.  We left on Wednesday, and had a great time while we were there!  We took tons and tons of pictures, so I'm going to make the pics a bit smaller than I've had them lately, and also put them into two posts.  Enjoy!


We were able to rent a little cabin right by the river, which was very nice.

Our backyard

It started pouring rain right when we got there, and since it rained on the mountain too, all the dirt and everything came down with the water, making it a weird color.  It cleared up by that night, though.

There were daisies everywhere...

and we picked most of them!

About to go on a walk

I was going for a loving sister picture...Ellie was going for something...a bit different.

And of course, I had to practice some of my Jedi moves. ;D

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