Aggie Football : : NMSU vs. Minnesota

So last night was my first NMSU football game.  Apparently our team isn't that great?  Not that I really care...I was so lost it wasn't even funny.  But amidst blinding sun, hundreds of loud sweaty people, and more profanities being carelessly slung around than I'd ever experienced before, it was actually pretty fun.  I didn't get a ton of great pics because the sun was shining right into my lens, but here's a couple from yesterday.

I put my hair up immediately after taking this pic because it was about 10,000 degrees outside and i just could not deal with my hair down.  I was still miserable.

I thought this was our team, but it actually turned out to be Minnesota.  Their team colors are apparently about the same as ours, so I was totally confused.

It's Pistol Pete!  He's apparently sort of our mascot...I think.  Gah, I'm so not wholly into this college experience yet.  But Minnesota's mascot was "The Golden Gopher", so pretty much anything is better than that. ;)

There's our team!

And the band.

And then Pistol Pete galloped around the stadium on a horse.  I was sure he was going to fall and kill himself.

Everyone booed Minnesota heartily when they came out.  I felt really bad for them...obviously not all into this school spirit thing yet. ;)

Go Team!!!

The...kickoff?  Is that even what it's called?  I'm so clueless...  I actually completely missed the start of the game because I was busy looking at the cheerleaders throwing themselves into the air and then, all of a sudden people were already cheering and shouting.  I was so lost...  But anyway, I took this picture just to pretend I'd actually been paying attention before. ;)

I left right before halftime because I was just bored to tears, so that's my first lesson--come after halftime so that I can actually see the end of the game.  But apparently we lost anyway, so it wasn't a huge deal.

So...football.  Not all it's cracked up to be, in my limited experience.  Those quarters last forever!  And I pretty much melted into the bleachers.  Still fun though.  We'll see what the next game is like! :)

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PrincessR said...

Haha- I am with you on the football thing! I have learned more about it so that it is slightly more enjoyable, but I would take a cup of tea and good book any day!

Glad you are settling in!

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