I could call this a "life update"...

...but really I just don't want to study for my exam tomorrow. ;)


For starters, I got my nose pierced!  This exciting event happened about two and a half weeks ago, and of course I got a cold a couple days after the piercing. Haha.  I really like it though. :)

Classes are going really well.  I have to give a persuasive speech in just over a week, and I still don't have a topic chosen, but hey.  I'm living on the edge. ;) Hopefully it'll come to me soonish.

My astronomy class is super interesting--just learning about all there is in space and just how big it is!  It's hard to comprehend.  My communication class is okay; it's my least favorite class mostly because I just feel like it's a waste of time.  Oh well.

My intro to special ed class is fascinating.  The amount of information being given to me to learn and memorize is kind of overwhelming, but at least it's interesting.  I joined a group called SNEA (Student National Education Association) mostly because I just needed something that said "I'm involved on campus" for my application to the College of Ed, but it's actually a pretty interesting group.  Tonight we went to help out at a fall festival at one of the elementary schools.  It was awesome to just be at a school and be working with kids!  I've missed that.

Nerd that I am, my math class is definitely tied with intro to special ed as being my favorite class.  I have an awesome teacher and am really enjoying the class (even if we're all roasting together in the tiny, stuffy classroom).  I had my second exam today and it went super well, which is awesome!

And that's about it!  Still working on getting to know people, both through Bible studies and classes.  It's a slow process, but God is so good and faithful!  He has given me far more than I ever expected.

See you in another two months. ;)


tammy said...

Daddy & I are so happy for you & humbled at how The Lord has carried you every step of the way! Great is His faithfulness! By the way that is a Beautiful picture of you!!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Looking good! :) Nice to hear from you again!

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