weekdate #005

1. This week was absolutely packed with busyness.  For starters, I'm done with my freshman year of college, and I got straight A's!  God was so good throughout this year.  He is so faithful!

2. On Tuesday Rachel and I went to the zoo.  It was a lot of fun!

3. Also on Tuesday was Ellie's Varsity awards night.  It was so great to see all those people from Varsity that I haven't seen for a year.

4. Friday and Saturday night was Ellie's play!  It was a blast. 

5. Yesterday I did the prelude at church.  I thought it went really well, which is nice, because I've messed up pretty badly on the last two. :)

6. Yesterday afternoon Rachel, Ellie, and I went to play tennis and just hang out.  It was so much fun, especially because Rachel and I will be leaving soon and there won't be many more times like that.

7. Hannah graduated from high school this week.  Congrats, Hannah!

8. Sunday school yesterday was kind of an impromptu discussion about trials and suffering.  I find discussions like that really encouraging; it reminds me of why we go through difficult things, and also how good it is to get to the other side.

9. My dad is leaving for Cameroon in about a month!

10. Looking forward to my last week of work!

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Hannah M. said...

Last week of work! Oh my goodness! Glorietta is coming up soon! Oh my goodness! Ellie's play looks like fun, I love plays! And thank you so much for the sweet mention, Sarah! :D

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