today's the day!

Today Rachel and I are moving to Glorieta!  It is so weird to actually be leaving for a few months, even if we will be able to visit.  It's amazing how much stuff I have to bring. :)

I wanted to kind of document this summer, so I bought myself a camera!  I only got it yesterday, and I got the memory card today, so I wanted to share some of the first pictures I've taken.

My lovely mother, who is sick today! :(, made Rachel and I each two quilts.  This first one of mine has a bunch of different squares with quotes about hope and rejoicing and singing.

This one is my graduation quilt.  My mom sent out squares of fabric to all my friends and family and they each wrote something encouraging on their square.  It's so awesome to be able to read all of them!

This one is from Elizabeth.

And this one is from Rachel, the lovely fiancee (!!!) of Jeremy!

I don't know about weekdates; this is, I'm going to try to do one every week, but I don't know if they'll be on Mondays anymore.  I definitely think this Monday isn't going to work, but we'll see!  I'll talk to you all as soon as I can!


Anonymous said...

Hope you both enjoy your time in Glorieta! May you joyfully serve and live in the strength only God supplies while there! Looking forward to your weekdates...

tammy said...

What an exciting day to see you & Rachel take a step of faith & see what the Lord is going to do in your lives! We are praying for you & missin you so much!!!!!!!!!!

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