weekdate #004

1. Today I am studying for my finals this week!  I have my two hardest--history and Spanish--tomorrow, and sociology on Thursday.  My history's actually not as hard as I thought it'd be because we're allowed to have a 4x6 index card with notes on it, front and back.  I don't think I've ever written that small!

Titus got all excited, thinking I was going to feed him. :)

2. It's been sunny and hot here lately.  I can't believe it's already May tomorrow!

3. I've been going on a Hillsong United craze over these last few days.  Here's one of my favorite songs by them.


4. I've also recorded a few songs this week.  I put up one yesterday, "Give Me Jesus", which is one of my favorite songs.  Yesterday I recorded "Nearer, My God, To Thee", which I just think is one of the greatest hymns ever.  It was originally written by Sarah Flower Adams, a woman who dreamed of becoming an actress.  Her health was frail, so she couldn't do this, and she took to writing hymns with her sister Eliza, who wrote the music for her.

* One day in 1841, their pastor, Rev. William Johnson Fox of London's South Place Unitarian church, paid a visit.  He was compiling a church hymnbook and he wanted to include some of their hymns. He further mentioned that he was frustrated at his inability to find a hymn to go along with the upcoming Sunday's message, which was from the story of Jacob at Bethel in Genesis 28:20-22.
   Sarah offered to write a hymn based on those verses.  For the rest of the week she poured over the passage, visualizing Jacob's sleeping with a stone for his pillow as he dreamed of a ladder reaching to heaven.  The following Sunday, South Place Unitarian Church sang Sarah's "Nearer, My God, To Thee."

5. Last night was my last prayer meeting before Rachel and I go to Glorieta.  It was such a precious time.

6. I finished reading Numbers today!  I know God has a purpose in every book in His Word, but sometimes it's hard to find the purpose, especially in the first couple books with all the laws and rules.  Something I learned in Numbers, though, is that God always provides for His people.  They had to offer two lambs every day, year after year, so that there was a continual burnt offering, and God always provided enough so that they could worship Him rightly and still provide for their families.

7. I'm done with math and philosophy!

8. Ellie's play is this weekend.  I'm so excited!

9. Ellie and I also went to see a different play, "Fiddler on the Roof", on Friday night.  It was great!  I liked the movie a lot, but there's just something about seeing a play on it that's well done and with people I know.

10. On Thursday Rachel and I went to Genghis Grill for lunch.  Yum!

(sorry about the crappy cellphone pic)

* excerpt taken from "Then Sings My Soul: 150 of the World's Greatest Hymn Stories" by Robert Morgan, pages 114-115

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Hannah M. said...

Hooray, Sarah! I'm so excited you and Rachel get to go to Glorieta! :)And I loooove Hillsong! My favorite song is The Stand. The bridge gets me every time. Praying for you all! You will be missed this summer in NM, and in Texas toooo.

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