Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #35

I'm thankful for:

0681. French vanilla creamer

0682. big, fluffy skirts

0683. reviews before Spanish tests

0684. "Good" by Matthew West and Leigh Nash from Music Inspired by the Story

0685. weird New Mexico weather--yesterday it was very nice and warm and springy; today it's snowing

0686. April Fools!

0687. going through old sermon notes for quotes that I forgot to write somewhere else

0688. warm baths

0689. friends getting engaged

0690. knitting (I can't knit personally, but I admire people who can) :)

0691. free music

0692. old love poems (I found this page in an old book ages ago and I just think it's really cool.)

0693. studying the Bible as a family in preparation for Easter

0694. as much as I enjoyed the sunrise service last year, I'm glad we're not having one this year

0695. summery dresses

0696. newborns

0697. little kids that are all rambunction (?) and energy

0698. hot pink

0699. brilliant ideas

0700 (!). The Hunger Games.  I know, I know, but I actually really liked the books, and the movie was great too.

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