weekdate #001

weekly + update = weekdate!

I always have things happen throughout the week that I want to blog about, but they're just too little to make a post about.  So I've decided to start doing these "weekdates" every Monday, if possible, talking briefly about 10 things that happened over the week.  I think it'll be fun!

1. This week Rachel and I went to Garcia's for dinner after school.  ^ this is what I had ^.  It was so good!

2. Work has been really great these past few weeks.  We have new crew that are being trained, and it's more fun with new people.  I'm trying to be as welcoming as possible; I know how scary it is to be new!

3. I've been giving Titus (my beta fish) a hard time lately.   Whenever I feed him he gets really excited, so I decided to try and see if he would follow my finger around his bowl.  Well, he did, but I think he thinks I'm an enemy because he gets all puffed up and tries to make himself as big as possible.  It's pretty funny.  I tried to take a video of him doing it, but it's terrible quality.  Hope you can still see it okay!

4. I've been going on a lot more walks lately, and trying to jog some.  On Saturday I jogged farther than I ever have before!  I almost died, but I'm so proud that I could do it!

5. Easter yesterday was great.  We didn't have a sunrise service, but the regular service was great.  Afterwards we had our first Seder Supper (it's like the Passover meal) and then a big potluck.  It was so much fun!  Then we came home and almost all of us took naps before we did Easter baskets and had an Easter egg hunt for Chloe.

6. I took my 4th Spanish exam--my last one before the final--and did tons better than I expected.  I also got a math test back and did really great.

7. The weather's been iffy this past week.  On Sunday it was around 70 degrees, and then Monday night we got a foot of snow.  It was all melted by Tuesday afternoon, and since then it been a lot warmer, but still a bit chillier than it was before.

8. I've actually been making friends at school, which is a lot different from last semester when I would just talk to people once and then never speak to them again.  This semester is a lot better!

9. Only four more weeks of school!

10. I love clearance. :)


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of the "weekdates!" Looking forward to next week's update(s)...

tammy said...

I love reading what you are thankful for! Great job on your Spanish exam! What a cute picture of Chloe coloring Easter eggs!

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