Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #32

I'm thankful for:

0621. Charlotte Bronte

0622. midterms.  As stressful as they are, it's kind of cool to see how much I can actually pack into my brain.

0623.speaking of midterms, I'm thankful for the blessing of recalling information!

0624. Hosea

0625. mustaches

0626. old drawings or stories that we made/wrote when we were little

0627. honey

0628. spring is almost here!

0629. cool gizmos that don't really have a purpose, but are interesting all the same

0630. chocolate chips pancakes (aren't these the most amazing pancakes you've ever seen?!)

0631. bell peppers

0632. cucumbers

0633. "Hard Times Come Again No More".  I love the harmony in this song.

0634. symphonies, even if I don't really enjoy them.  It's cool that God gave some people the ability to create them.

0635. time lapse videos

0636. spring break is almost here!

0637. red paint

0638. dance lessons

0639. cash (even though cash and I are basically strangers)

0640. my math teacher is really awesome

* photos from weheartit.com

1 comment:

tammy said...

I love the video you posted. They harmonize beautifully! Love reading all the things you are thankful for! Love, Mama

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