Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #30

I'm thankful for:

0581. the exact amount of hours in the day that was God's purpose in the beginning

0582. different ethnicities.  It'd be really boring if we all looked the same.

0583. hair bows

0584. Valentine colors--red, pink, purple, white, etc.

0585. "Jesus, I Am Resting" sung by the Shelly Moore Band

0586. strange people that make me laugh

0587. being able to walk

0588. the fact that God will sustain me for all the stuff I have to do next week

0589. that I don't have to work tomorrow

0590. that I get paid tomorrow!

0591. being able to enjoy food.  I think it's cool that God didn't have to make us have to eat, but He did so we can enjoy His provision (and all the awesome food He's made).

0592. giant sucker fish

0593. loaches

0594. that I got to go to a bluegrass concert tonight!  We went and saw The Wintons.  They were great!

0595. Boba Tea

0596. adoption

0597. that God allows us, and provides for us, to care for widows and orphans

0598. graceful aging

0599. "old" love

0600 (!). this awesome body of Christ

1 comment:

Corey Newman said...

I enjoy reading your "Everyday's Thanksgiving" SO much. Thanks!!!

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