Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #29

I'm thankful for:

0561. the challenge of my math class.  I am having such a hard time with it lately, but once I get it it's OK.

0562. sign language

0563. seashells

0564. the 8 year anniversary of COGBC!

0565. water glasses

0566. abundant water

0567. chocolate peanut butter ice cream

0568. store bought sheet cakes.  I love those cakes for some reason, except for the colored icing, which is gross.

0569. "Sound of Your Voice by Third Day.  I loved how they used this song on the Courageous movie.

0570. watching Chloe and Rachel wrestle

0571. Rachel's new cat, D'Artagnan, even if he is incredibly irritating.  He's fluffy and cute.

0572. jellyfish

0573. flash cards

0574. Valentine's Day.  I love Valentine's Day.

0575. thick hair

0576. financial aid

0577. facebook chat

0579. Chloe's cute play-voices

0580. vegetables we can grow in the summer

* pics from weheartit.com


Rose H. said...

Hi, you have been given an award on my blog. Go to http://homemadeministry.blogspot.com/ to view complete details.

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