Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #27

I'm thankful for:

0521. It's Thanksgiving on Thursday!

0522. Thanksgiving break

0523. only two more weeks after this in the semester!

0524. getting all my classes for next semester

0525. dried roses

0526. my grandparents coming for Thanksgiving

0527. tamales

0528. bangles

0529. big floppy hats

0530. TV mini series

0531. English papers

0532. and art papers

0533. teacups

0534. teapots

0535. brown eyes

0536. that Sigmund Freud's disturbing psychological theory isn't widely taught

0537. people whose strength is in Christ

0538. medical advances

0539. surgeons

0540. the knowledge that my path is exactly God's path for me

1 comment:

Brittany said...

I like your blog! (I found you via your guest post on Compassion's blog. I just started sponsoring a kid from India, actually!) And nice "thankful" list--I've started keeping one over the past couple of months, and looking for little things to be thankful for become one of my favorite things to do. :)

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