Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #26

I'm thankful for:

0501. three crazy sisters

0502. overwhelming grace

0503. forgiveness, though I am the one who could overtake Paul in 1 Timothy 1:15

0504. being able to study Japanese art; it's actually really cool, and tons better than that of India or China

0505. Southwest Pieta by Luis Jimenez.  I have to go see this sculpture here in ABQ and write an analysis paper about it, but there is so much about it I won't be at a loss, which is awesome!

0506. being able to teach in Bible club on Wednesday!  I haven't been there in almost seven months, so I'm really excited!

0507. going to pick up my paycheck tonight!

0508. it's snowing!

0509. gracious provision

0510. taking notes; it really helps cement things in my head, whether it's at church or school

0511. a new song I wrote in honor of Thanksgiving.  Ironically, it's called "Thanksgiving".

0512. this video, which basically sums up what I was feeling today (I couldn't find the tape).  Also, I just love how it says "Someday my prints will come."  It's hilarious!

0513. Mondays where I don't have anything to do except get all ready for the coming week

0514. being able to sign up for next semester's classes this Friday!

0515. going to see a play this Friday night, and then watching my sister perform in a different play on the next Friday and Saturday!

0517. the Music Inspired by the Story CD.  It has just about all my favorite music artists, and I love the songs!  Here's one of my favorites.

0518. The Bedford HandbookSo helpful for my English class!

0519. Crazy Love by Francis Chan

0520. composition notebooks

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