In the Morning

I wrote this song about a week and a half ago as I was thinking about how busy I was going to be once I started college and continued on with work and everything.  I have made mornings my times for devotions for about four or five years now, but with starting work and everything it has sometimes had to be shortened.  I wanted to remind myself that my mornings with the Lord aren't just times to dutifully read four chapters out of my Bible, but to learn of Him, to speak with Him about my day, and to worship Him before anything else.  I really like how the song turned out; it has helped remind me that these mornings with God are precious and should come first and foremost, before anything else.  I'm going to try and record it this weekend, but for now here are the lyrics.

In the Morning
By Sarah Butler

Seeking Your face in the morning
Is one of the hardest things to do
Seeking Your face in the morning,
When all the world is askew
To lift my hands in worship
Would add so much to my day
But I don't lift my hands in worship;
Instead, I just go on my way.

Thanking You for Your blessings
The sunshine, and more, for the rain
Remembering all of Your goodness
At the start of a brand new day
To thank You for my family
And the love that You pour down
But I don't thank You for the blessings;
Instead, I just grumble and frown.

Lifting up the trials
And also the blessings that You give
To ask You for Your guidance
That I might know how to live
To lift this time before You
Would add so much to my day
But I just speak to You once in the morning
And otherwise, forget how to pray.

Seeking Your face in the morning
Is one of the best things to do
Praising You for Your wonders
And basking in Your love anew
Thanking You for my family
And for all, for me, You did
God, I ask Your blessing on this morning;
Show me how You want me to live.

1 comment:

Bekah said...

I like that! I usually do my devotions in the evening and try to spend some time in prayer in the morning, but I would like to get better about praying faithfully in the morning. Thanks for the reminder :)

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