The Conversion of S. Paul

A blessed conversion, and a strange
Was that, when Saul a Paul became:
And, Lord, for making such a change,
We praise and glorify Thy name.
For whilst he went from place to place,
To persecute Thy truth and Thee;
(And running to perdition was)
By powerful grace called back was he.

When from Thy truth we go astray,
(Or wrong it through our blinded zeal)
Oh come, and stop us in the way,
And then Thy will to us reveal;
That brightness show us from above
Which proves the sensual eyesight blind:
And from our eyes those scales remove,
That hinder us the way to find.

And as Thy blessed servant Paul,
When he a convert once became,
Exceeded Thy Apostles all,
In painful preaching of Thy name:
So grant that those who have in sin
Exceeded others heretofore,
The start of them in faith may win,
Love, serve, and honor Thee the more.

-- George Wither

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