Voices of the Faithful

Two years ago I went on my first missions trip to Denver.  My group was led by two amazing young women, 'B' and 'M', and at the end of the week M suggested this book, Voices of the Faithful, to me before we said our goodbyes.  She had impressed me over that week, and so I was really interested in whatever books she could recommend that had impacted her life.  However, Voices of the Faithful is one popular book!  I was on a waiting list for about six months before I found out that I could get a copy on BookSneeze for free!  Of course, I ordered it right away.

Voices of the Faithful wasn't really what I had expected.  I didn't know it was a devotional for a whole year.  I expected it to be longer stories about martyrs and missionaries.  While it was about such people, the stories were significantly shorter than I had hoped.

Each month had a different theme, such as 'Compassion' or 'God Working'.  I enjoyed how the book was set up like that.  On the whole, I would have preferred if the stories were longer and more informative.  I know it's difficult to do that in a 366-day devotional, but perhaps a half-year devotional would have been better in allowing more room for the stories?  In the end I did enjoy the book, but not so much that I'll be ordering its sequel, Voices of the Faithful - Book 2, anytime soon.

Thanks for reading!

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Jessina said...

Thanks for following my blog, Sarah! I've enjoyed reading through some of your posts and I look forward to reading more . . .


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