Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #13

I'm thankful for:

0241. John 8:1-11

0242. new people who follow my blog!

0243. writing letters

0244. kettle corn

0245. leading a Bible study

0246. a new cat addition to the family

0247. fake flowers

0248. The Gadarene by John Piper

0249. the space trilogy--"Out of the Silent Planet", "Perelandra", and "That Hideous Strength"--by C. S. Lewis

0250. milk

0251. What Wondrous Love is This? sung by Michelle Tumes

0252. good sermons

0253. play performances

0254. balloons

0255. new books to read

0256. being able to read

0257. electricity

0258. miraculous friendships

0259. old fashioned clothes

0260. plants that somehow live year after year after year...

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