Of That First Night

Did the star take on a brighter brightness?
The snow that fell, a greater whiteness?
Did Joseph and his poor young wife
Know then how they would spend this night?

And did they know that God the Son
That night, before the eve was done
Would be born in a lowly stable
And thus would be Holy birth’s label?

Did angels crowd at Heaven’s door
Eager to share of Christ, their Lord?
To go and shout, “Look here, He’s come!
He’ll save from sins His chosen ones!”

And yet, He was a little baby,
Just a child had come to save me
A tiny boy of infant size
Yet it was He who carved the skies!

His tiny fingers wove that star
That shone straight down, so very far
And yet He cried like any child;
God, by humanness defiled

So it was, so long ago,
Before had come His time of woe
Two thousand years ago, this night,
A Child was born, and there was Light.

-- Sarah Butler

1 comment:

tammy butler said...

Sarah that is a beautiful poem! Maybe a song in the making? Love you bunches!

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