Step toward Kenya : : First Shots

Well, I figure it's about time I wrote something on here before anyone I sent a support letter to thinks that whole "I'll update on my blog" spiel is bogus.

Today I went to see a travel doctor for the first time.  I got a yellow fever shot and some typhoid meds to take over the course of the next week.  From here I need to get shots for meningitis, polio, flu, and also malaria meds before and during the trip.  It's so exciting that things are finally in motion!  I'll be turning in my official application and first deposit early next week, and am looking forward to hearing more from Project 82 and my team leader about what we'll be doing exactly while in Kenya.

Please continue to pray for me and the others who'll be going on this trip with me!  Let me know if you'd like a copy of my support letter, if only to know what I'll be doing and know how to pray--I'd be happy to send one your way!


Elizabeth Davis said...

So excited for you Sarah! You will be such a blessing to others as a missionary!
Take care,

-Bess- said...

So proud of you, Sarah! This sounds like an amazing adventure with God! Praying for you & can't wait to hear about how it goes preparing for the trip &, of course, after the trip! =)

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