family day

Yesterday my family and I went to the aquarium and the botanical gardens.  It was really fun!  I LOVE the aquarium, especially.  Be forewarned--there's a bunch of pictures of jellyfish.  They're my favorite.  I think it's just so amazing how God made them.

* pictures taken either by me, Rachel, or Ellie

See those little swirly things?  Those are baby seahorses!

Ellie likes the jellyfish too. :)

Behold, this are the fringes of His ways.
Job 26:14


tammy said...

What a wonderful time we had & there are no words to decribe the things God has made. He is so kind & gracious to share in these things with Him!

Sara said...

Awesome photos. I love jellyfish. So colorful and contrasty!

Kianna Rose said...

What amazing creatures God has created!!! The photographs are amazing as well. I have enjoyed taking a look around your blog.

Kianna Rose

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