God is so good!

I know, I know--I have been posting WAY too many videos lately, but I just keep finding more and more that I like!  However, along with the videos, I wanted to give an update on how college life is going!

It's busy!  I have four classes Tuesday and Thursday, and then I also work Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  Still, it's all going a whole lot better than I expected so far!  I got an A+ on my first psych exam, and 10 extra credit points for my first art paper!  I was thrilled. :-) Otherwise, I had a math exam last Thursday, first English paper due this Tuesday, next psych exam on Thursday, and first art take-home quiz due on Thursday.  Lots going on, but God is so good!  He continues to astound me over and over again with His goodness.  Not to mention He has made it so that I love my classes and feel like I'm learning a ton!

And on to the videos!  The first is this beautiful worship song by Audrey Assad.

Second, I had to share this.  This little boy is just so CUTE! (I feel like I'm using A LOT OF CAPITAL LETTERS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS IN THIS POST!!!!!!!!!) :D

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