Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #25

I'm thankful for:

0481. plenty of time to get ready for my mid-term next Tuesday

0482. and God's wisdom for actually how to study for that mid-term

0483. a good grade on my first English paper

0484. Starbucks lemonade with passion tea--amazing!

0485. The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers

0486. a nice substitute teacher for art yesterday

0487. friendly people at work.  This one guy a few days ago was passionately explaining to me why I should be on toothpaste commercials because my teeth are white and straight. :) Braces.  But come, I mean, really?  Would you honestly skip out on buying your Colgate from the toothless old guy in this picture? ;D

0488. reverse rainbows--I saw one a few days ago, and I was really cool!  The green was on the outside, and it progressed inward so that the red was on the inside.

0489. having wood for the fireplace

0490. metal crates

0491. school folders that you can color on

0492. extra credit points

0493. styrofoam

0494. my new blog design!  It's really simple, but I love it.

0495. piano recitals (when I'm not playing in them)

0496. scooters

0497. thrift stores

0498. making lists

0499. jean jackets

0500. streamers

Halfway done!  Thank You, Lord!

1 comment:

tammy said...

Thank you reminding me of how much we have to be thankful of! Love you bunches & bunches!

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