Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #21

I'm thankful for:

0401. extra hours at work, even if they do seem WAY too long!

0402. learning how to do new things quickly and well

0403. protection against harm

0404. In God's Underground by Richard Wurmbrand

0405. mops

0406. and brooms

0407. and washcloths

0408. and soap!

0409. lotion

0410. double-sided tape

0411. mini vacations

0412. profitable fundraisers

0413. weddings!

0414. paper airplanes

0415. the ocean

0416. lilies

0417. crew discounts

0418. rose petals

0419. Netflix

0420. Sprite


Scott said...

I love that pic of the paper airplane--that's really cool. I LOVE YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! ok.....this may crack you up...we look at/read your blog a lot..BUT we have never been able to figure out how to post a comment!! lol (so tonite, I'm having Britt help! :) ) umm..we are getting "elderly"..haha...so, we wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your pics...and I especially love your "I am thankful for's"....I saw that you are thankful for dahlias in one of them...did you know that I grow (or try to) dahlias? My Dad used to grow them (at one time he had over 200 of them in his backyard!!), so now, I enjoy growing them too (do you guys have them out in Edgewood?) Britt and I really enjoyed your graduation, and seeing all of you ~ hope your summer is going great, and...that we get to see you again soon! tell your old Daddio Happy Birthday tomorrow (wow!! 50!) we love you - keep up the great bloggin! Uncle John and Aunt Darby

Anonymous said...

We love the "thankful for" entries too.....thankfulness is such a gift. And we really enjoyed coming to your graduation too! Love, The (northern) LC Butlers

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