Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #20

I'm thankful for:

0381. our COGS talent night/dinner that we're going to be having tonight!

0382. the opportunity to go to Regeneration this summer

0383. bright blue skies (I miss those skies, what with the smoke here lately!)

0384. however, I'm so thankful that the AZ fire is at least a little bit contained now

0385. fire fighters who are willing to put their lives in harms way to protect others

0386. and police officers

0387. sleep ;D

0388. kiddie pools

0389. trash cans

0390. a wonderful graduation ceremony

0391. my extended family

0392. my body-of-Christ family

0393. pedometers

0394. visors

0395. cool rocks

0396. orphanages--at least the ones that really provide good care for the kids

0397. my Compassion child, Djamsel

0398. surgery to correct eye problems

0399. people who are willing to sacrifice everything for God

0400. stripes

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