Everyday's Thanksgiving, Part #22

I'm thankful for:

0421. whipped cream (I actually loathe homemade whipped cream, but doesn't that stuff in the picture look amazing?!)

0422. Start Here by Alex and Brett Harris

0423. only 12 more days 'til we go to Regeneration!

0424. summer

0425. beach balls

0426. silly songs

0427. pork chops

0428. Rachel's new puppy, Pippin! (or at least that's what her name is today.  It'll probably change again.  In the three days since we got her she's been named Bailey, June, and now Pippin. :)

0429. old-fashioned names, like Ida and Euphemia

0430. relief

0431. denim skirts

0432. hearts

0433. crystal vases

0434. baby blankets

0435. fans

0436. pickle jars

0437. loose change

0438. debit cards

0439. profit

0440. eBay!

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