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First off I wanted to share a song I wrote yesterday and already recorded!  Such quickness on my part is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event, but it's really nice to have it already recorded and out of the way.  It turned out pretty well, and is one of my favorites that I've written, so I wanted to share it!

I also wanted to share a song by Jeremy Camp that I've been listening to a lot over these past couple of days, so I'll be posting the video below, and after that is a poem that I read about a week ago that I wanted to share.  And I think that's it!  Enjoy!

Ash Wednesday

My God, my God, have mercy on my sin,
For it is great; and if I should begin
To tell it all, the day would be too small
           To tell it in.

My God, Thou wilt have mercy on my sin
For Thy Love's sake: yea, if I should begin
To tell This all, the day would be too small
           To tell it in.

Good Lord, today
I scarce find breath to say:
   Scourge, but receive me.
For stripes are hard to bear, but worse
Thy intolerable curse;
   So do not leave me.

Good Lord, lean down
In pity, tho' Thou frown;
   Smite, but retrieve me:
For so Thou hold me up to stand
And kiss Thy smiting hand,
   It less will grieve me.

-- Christina Rossetti

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Anonymous said...

I vote that that is my favorite song of yours! Thanks for sharing Sarah...God has truly gifted you.

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