Everday's Thanksgiving, Part #14

In this very wintry post, I'm thankful for:

0261. the cool distinction, at this moment, of living in the coldest place in the nation; it's twenty degrees warmer in Antarctica!

0262. that all of our animals survived the -25 degree weather last night!

0263. warm blankets

0264. that our water is finally back on!

0265. times like these, that make me thankful for "the little things"

0266. fuzzy socks

0267. satellite images

0268. four days of having nothing to do; it's been amazing!

0269. amazon mp3 downloads

0270. a place to live that provides shelter from the cold

0271. almost a foot of snow!

0272. that the Waites got out and headed to Texas before the storm hit

0273. the Internet

0274. icicles

0275. the weather channel

0276. the weather people who are willing to brave the elements and tell us about...well...the weather

0277. chocolate

0278. the diversity of names

0279. warm showers

0280. roaring fires

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